Sunday 12 April 2015

LEGO Elves Terrain Project, Part 2

This weekend has mostly been used for work outside; the night temperatures finally crept over 0 Celsius, and the garden must be tended to.

But a part of this afternoon I was able to use on the LEGO Elves terrain project:

  1. Drawing a grid on the map of Elvendale
  2. Transfer outlines to a sheet of styropor
  3. Employ the thermocutter to cut out the shapes of the land mass.
Below is the progress so far; I hae used my old GW hot wire cutter to bevel the short piece of riverbank/coastline to the far left, but I think I need to buy a powered model like this one:

I shall cut out the shape of the Treetop Hideaway, plus a 'creek' running from the water section (the light blue part) to the coast.

The land mass is cut from 10mm styropor, and already at level 2 the thermo cutter slides through the material like a sharp knife through butter. I am going to have SO much use for this device!!


  1. I'm following this project with interest and looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

    1. I think it will become a nice build, as soon as I get my head around some techniques. I went out and bought a Proxxon hand-held powered thermo-cutter (for finer work), as my old GW battery-charged one is not good enough when it comes to larger ampounts of cutting.