Tuesday 31 March 2015

Star Wars Armada Arrived Today!

Read the basic rules, assembled the models, and set up the table. Haven't had time to play through the Starter Scenario, yet, but I expect to do it over Eastern, although I'm working nights the next 5 days, and thus am going to be sleeping my day away....



  1. Looking forward to this enormously, especially if its half as good as your coverage of the Dragon Attack Wing game. Hope your Nights go smoothly :-)

    1. I shall be doing an in-depth report and analysis, no worries (I can't really help myself, this blogging-thing has been growing on me the last couple of years)!
      I hope to be able to set up some better lighting for the in-game photos, though...

  2. Looks interesting; I'll be interested to hear how it plays.