Thursday, 5 March 2015

Skeleton Warriors for GoB - WIP 2

I chose one of the previously re-based standard bearers for the unit, and got the first round of filler slabbed onto the bases.

After that, I removed mold lines and mold tabs from 11 GBP shields to use with the unit, removed some mold lines from the standard bearer, and fitted one of the shields to his left hand.

As the standard bearer is naked plastic, I might as well prime him with the shield already glued in place - the other shields will get white primer before I attach them to the warriors; that way I do not have to prime the already painted models.

They will all receive a Devlan Mud wash when all the non-bone parts have been coloured in, to tie them in with the other skeletal elements of the army (and because I like the look it gives).

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