Monday, 16 March 2015

Skeleton Warriors for GoB - WIP 6

After a weekend all booked up by practical assignments - and a field trip to Jutland to pick up some LARP equipment for me and the girls, AND the first real longbow for Anna (which now means that I shall have to acquire equipment for making arrows, as buying ready-made ones is far too expensive; luckily, I already have been pointed to a Danish store that sells such stuff, so as soon as my tax refund has arrived, I shall order tools and materials) - I found some time for painting a bit more today.

I have decided to use the old metal armoured skeleton with the scythe as leader for the unit, which means that one of the axe-wielding skellies will be relieved of its duties for now. If I find a suitable armoured skeleton with shield and sword, the leader can be replaced and instead be used as a Blacksoul or part of another unit.

Using the metal mini will delay getting the unit on the table, but if I can get the warriors done, concentrating on the leader should make it possible to get him painted fairly quickly.

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