Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Rebasing Old Metal Skeletons

The minis I based for my daughters' D&D player characters pushed me over the edge onto that slippery slope leading to basing even slotta-minis on washers (something I had forsworn I would ever do), and I have put these very old minis on 20mm washers to fit in with the plastic skeletons I have been rebasing for my GoB Lords of Undeath army.

The colours on the first two are old Humbrol Enamel paints, btw. I probably should have stripped them... Am going to get an ultrasonic cleaner, so, maybe I'll give them a shake (will mean I shall have to base them again, though...)


  1. Very impressed with all these skeletons you're re-basing Angor. And you do such a good job that I know the effort will be worth it.

  2. Thanks, I very much hope so. I really prefer the look of the more 'shallow' edges of the washer bases over the 'plinth' style of the slottas, so the unit(s) should be more pleasing to the eye this way (at least to mine).