Sunday, 29 March 2015

LEGO Friends and Elves - Lea's Birthday

My youngest offspring turned 9 yesterday, and among the presents were the LEGO Friends 41033 set (some Jungle Animal Rescue setup with a waterfall that slides aside to reveal a cave with green crystals), and the LEGO Elves 41075 'The Elves' Treetop Hideaway'.

Both sets had to be built immediately, and Anna was given the task of constructiong the Friends set, while Lea dug into the massive buch of bricks for the Hideaway herself.

The building instructions are very graphically detailed, with no text, allowing children down to 6 years of age to follow them and construct the sets, which is one of LEGO's big strengths, in my opinion.

Below you'll see pics of various WIP stages, as well as the finished builds.

Both girls digging in.

A tree made of bricks. It is almost like Minecraft.

Jungle rock and cave entrance.

Details are being added.

Things are shaping up!

Almost done with the first tree.

The canopy of this tree is movable...

...and can be 'closed' in front of the Hideaway to 'conceal' it.

The full set of the Treetop Hideaway

PLAYTIME! Several other Jungle Rescue sets added to the setup, and play in progress!


  1. Hah, that looks *so* familiar! The birthday Lego all over the table :-) .

    1. I find it really amusing and interesting, and today the girls and I went to the DIY/Builder's market to purchase some styrofoam boards of different grades/thickness to start making some terrain boards for the Elves (I really hope they expand on the range with darker themes like 'Dark Elves' or the likes). For now, it will be a nice possibility to practice using my thermo-cutter, which I have had for quite a while without putting it to good use.