Tuesday, 3 March 2015

SAGA: Fantastorical Game!

The second game of today's session was another incarnation of SAGA, using the 'historical' force lists/battle-boards, and fantasy minis.

Ulolkish once more deployed his Dwarves (as Anglo-Danes), and I used a force primarily consisting of Rohan warriors, but using Boromir as warlord, and some Minis Tirith warriors as Hirdmen/Hearthguard (as Vikings).

Warbands deployed:

Both sides advance - the Humans in a less disciplined manner than the Dwarves.

The Human warlord leads from the front... almost!

The Warlord nad his Hird charge into the Dwarven Levy, all but annihilating them.
I managed to roll 19 dice for the first attack - nine of those were 1s and 2s - then rolled 15 for a second attack (SAGA ability) - 7 of those were 1s and 2s. Anyone still claiming that dice rolls will statistically even out the more dice I roll, please come and have a game with me and see for yourself.

The field of battle so far.

As you can see, I foolishly exposed my Warlord to be charged by his antagonist (accompanied by his Hearthguard). Needless to say, he was hit many times, and I rolled an awful bunch of saving throws, not rolling a single 5 or 6.

I really like the SAGA rules, but I think I have to play them more regularly to get the hang of them (and read the rules thoroughly a couple of times in between games, to memorize all the little peculiarities).

Well, come time, come new battle...

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