Monday, 9 March 2015

Skeleton Warriors for GoB - WIP 3

I did not make much progress today, as I slept until 3:20 p.m., and had to cook up a large pot of pasta sauce to have something extra to put in the freezer for easy preparation.

I did, though, prime the standard bearer and the shields.

Tomorrow morning I am going to paint the back of the shields, and the banner pole, and later in the day I shall attach the shields to the Skeletons.

I expect to have the unit ready for a re-match in about 10 days (if Ulolkish/Duregar is available for a game - otherwise I might try teaching the girls the GoB rules).

This unit will replace three of the Ghoul units (with one point to spare, but I shall not be able to spend it), meaning that I shall have 2 units fewer than the original configuration.

As they cause Fear, never Test Courage, and fight to the last Skeleton, they should last considerably longer than the Ghouls did last game, hopefully buying the remaining Ghoul unit time to out-maneuver some of the opposition.

Well, we shall have to se about that...

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