Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Longbows Oiled

Both my trusty old one-piece 'peasant's' bow, and Anna's new fancy-pants two-piece longbow have been given two treatments of linseed oil, and should be ready for an outing one of the next days, weather permitting.


  1. Lovely looking bows! Nice to see equipment being lovingly cared for.
    What kind of shooting do you do with them?

    1. We shall primarily be shooting targets in our very large back-garden (with a small creek to one side, and large trees to the other), but may also bring the bows to viking/medieval events.
      Earlier, I used my bow for LARP, and consequently, I only have secure-tip arrows, but ss soon as I get a subsgatial tax refund (April 1st), I am going to order tools and materials for making proper arrows, and I shall, of course, involve my daughters in the manufacturing process.
      I also plan to buy a selection of fairly cheap bamboo longbows and hold events - who knows, maybe we shall have an archery club here in Kværndrup ;o)