Tuesday, 3 March 2015

GoB Game: Dwarves vs Undead

Finally, a couple of games played again. Ulolkish and I spent most of the day in our living room, where the dining table stood in for gaming table.

First up, a game of God of Battles. Ulolkish brought the LotR Dwarves of Horisont fame, and I, for the first time, put my full 24 pts Lords of Undeath force on the table.

Table and forces before actual deployment
Ghouls deployed on the right flank
The Dwarven Army lined up in all its stunty glory
And the rag-tag dead opposing them. The God of Battles clearly watches with interest.
The armies advance on each other under the steady gaze of some unknown deity.
Lots of action around the ruins in the centre,
Shortly after theis, the Ghouls get butchered by the dozen on both flanks
Realizing that the loss of the last undead Knight
(and another 12 pts in addition to the 4x3 pts of Ghouls) would mean defeat,
I tried to get him out of harm's way, but unfortunately Ulolkish had not used his stratagem this turn,
and could activate the archer unit once more.
Needless to say, the ancient horseman was cut down by lowly archery,
and the victorious Dwarves could claim the field.
The Ghouls are highly ineffective against Loose units, which they cannot circle and threaten in flanks and/or rear. With Att 5 and Def 5, they are not likely to inflict a lot of hits, and they are not very likely to stick around for a second attempt, either.

Their speed (Move 10) is their only real asset, and I think they are best kept out of harm's way, until they can exploit gaps in the enemy battle-line, or be used to outflank opposing Formed units.

My next move, concerning my undead horde, will likely be replacing 3 of the Ghoul units by a Skeleton Warrior unit (12 models, 8 pts), to add some kick to the infantry. It will mean that I shall have to advance more slowly, as the Warriors have Move 8.

I'll use spare shields from my GBP Dark Age Warriors set for the new unit (I have a shedload of old Citadel plastic undead shields, but I think I prefer the historical round, leather-brimmed shields, as it should make the models look less 'Fantasy', and more 'Pulp', and make them better suited for 'Fantastorical' purposes.

Actually, I think I shall start working om the unit ASAP to get it ready for our next meeting, here at Castle Argonor.


  1. Nice little report :)

    Ghouls can also take camps and baggage. Using their speed to threaten this can tie down enemy units even without actually fighting.

    The Lords of Undeath army is one of those that works a bit better at 36 points, rather than 24. At the smaller size they have a limited number of possible combinations, especially if you include the knights.

    1. Thank you, always a pleasure to have the game designer popping by!
      Yes, I was mainly thinking of Camp and Baggage when mentioning gaps in the opponent's battel line, but of course also the impact they can have when getting in behind the enemy formed units (and actually pose a threat).
      I have noticed that 24 points do not leave a whole lot of choices, but I think I shall gradually move the army towards more steady infantry, and a Necromance to spice things up a bit. When I first composed this army I did not have much time, as I wanted it to be ready as an alternative army choice for our participation demo games at Horisont, so it was a question of the tool at hand (I already had a bunch of Mantic zombies painted up for Pike and Shot and Zombies, and both the knights and the chariots just needed some repairs and a few drops of paint.