Saturday 25 October 2014

Two Down... more to go!

Finished painting another Rohir for the second Fiefdom Warrior unit .

I went a bit unorthodox on this one, giving him a red tunic - all part of my training for painting Dark Age warriors.

Further down the page, I have added some more pics of the last one painted.

As promised, a few more shots of the guy from Thursday:


  1. Lovely stuff. Great pictures too. Really like the red and I don;t think it looks out of place at all. you;re making me want to dig out some of my old "Two Towers" plastic Rohan and join in. Must stay focussed on Zomtober... :-)

    1. Thank you - you're doing zeds for now? I should get back to assembling and painting some more of the 110 WF modern/NF zeds I have stickin' around, but my focus is on fantasy because of GoB atm. AND I have a strict deadline for that participation/intro game November 21st-23rd

  2. Replies
    1. I have to, ;D
      Only 3½ week left before Horisont VI, and I also need to prepare some Camp/baggage-bases, Miracle Cards, and a few more Reference Sheets (not to mention pack it all up for transportation to Odense).