Saturday, 11 October 2014

Eyes! Eyes Everywhere!!!

I shall have to do something about these.

I bought them painted as part of a larger lot, and I cannot fathom, why people insist in painting eyes on models that smallish, when the results are THAT bad.

Below is a close-up of one of those anime-version Númenoreans.

The quality of these arent very good, but if I repaint their face and the area just below the head, drybrush the black areas, and give the whole mini a black wash, they should do well enough for a Fiefdom Warrior unit. I may have to repaint some of the sword hilts, too.

First, I had to fill the gaps in the base slots (yes, whoever assembled and painted these just glued the mini to the base, then flocked and panted the base surface).

Today I'll do the faces and glue some sand in the white filler-posts, and then, hopefully, I can finish the unit tomorrow, leaving me time to concentrate on some Rohan models I have to paint to bring up 3 other units of Fiefdom Warriors to full God of Battles strength.

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