Thursday, 30 October 2014

Assembling the Levy!

Another Rohan Warrior done, this time quick-shaded.

I need to do 3 more of these, then I can start painting the two characters I need for the army. Ilúvatar willing, I'll be able to finish the rank-and-file during the weekend.

This method lends itself well to painting the LotR minis, as they should have that gritty, naturalistic look, but I still do prefer layering, given the necessary time.

For getting some bulk on the table, though, it can't be beaten for speed!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!
      I like they way it turned out - with basing identical to my other minis, it fits in quite nicely!

  2. Agree with Colgar6, just a lovely paint job. Not as bright as some of your others, but as you say, for the technique and getting mass models done, it comes out very well indeed :-)

    1. Yes, a bit duller, but then again, for rank and file filling up the rear ranks (i.e. the extras ;o) ), it may create that sense of the big, anonymous crowd.
      I may resort to this method again when in a hurry to get some units on the table, but as soon as I have finished this last Rohan warband, I'll go back to layering when painting Denethor and Boromir. If I could find my Orthanc Palantir (from a blister containing Saruman the White), I would get it done for a marker, too, as it plays a role in my modified GoB armylist...