Thursday 23 October 2014

The Big Box from player1 at - Part 1

I mentioned the big box brought by the mailman - here's some of the content (those outside their new home were part of the lot, too):

5 models from the Dwarven part of this latest purchase are not shown; 1 plastic Ranger had a broken axe, 1 Khazad Guard ditto, and 2 Khazad Guards and a metal Warrior Character(?) had broken and missing axes. Not bad for a second hand lot!

One of the axeless Khazad Guards is going to be converted to a standard bearer, and I think I can muster about 4 units for GoB from the painted models (the Rangers need bases done).

Maybe I can construct both a Dwarven and a Moria Goblin 24 pts quick-play armies, and bring an extra table for Horisont...


  1. That's a very nice haul indeed. Are you planning on rebasing the minis on the snowy bases or are they going to be the start of a new 'frozen lands' force? They look rather well done form the photo.

    1. I'm in two minds about those bases - they are well done, and the minis are reasonably well painted, too. The parts of the bases not covered in 'snow' look a lot like my standard basing solution, so I might just do some simple painting/modelling/flocking to make them more 'generic'. But until I decide, I can easily use them as they are, although they'll look a bit off next to other units.
      And that was just the Dwarves; I got TWO Mûmakil, lots of Haradrim, some Riders of Rohan, and most of (yet another) fellowship. I'll unpack and take photos of the rest over the weekend (Ilúvatar willing).

    2. That does sound like a difficult choice indeed. Perhaps building a load of 'frozen lands' scenery will win you over :-) Looking forward to the photos of the other unpacked boxes.

    3. Yeah, I've also contemplated repainting the show as rocks - no matter what I do, if I don't re-base entirely, they will stick out against the rest of my collection. :o/