Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Númenoreans/Fiefdom Warriors WIP

Am working hard to get 10 of these acceptably ready for Horisont. Still some work to do...


  1. A very tidy trio indeed. One of the better early LOTR sculpts imho too though they are a little tiny and fiddly as a result. Ten of these painted at this standard will look great on the table. Looking forward to the group shot :-)

  2. Yep, pretty good. Almost makes me want to collect Gondor :-) .

    1. If you succumb to the urge, Warriors of the Last Alliance can be had for peanuts out there. I have more plastic high elves than can fit standing in a printer-paper box after buying 3 second-hand lots of mixed LotR minis., and probably more Men of Westernesse than I'll need for a 2nd Age GoB army ;D

  3. These warriors are terrific, great job!

  4. Thank you guys, I am doing a little more work on them, yet, though - The grey borders and tree are being picked out in grey (although I'll not have time to highlight them), and I think I'll touch up the stars/crown on the shields, too, but leaving the rest for now (Note: These are/were the guys with the anime eyes, so I didn't paint everything, but I removed flock from legs/feet and cloaks, repainted the cloth with black, did the faces, drybrushed the black with blue.grey, trimmed and repainted the edges of the shields, washed the tabards, cloaks, and shields with black ink (hence the muted down details), and also repainted the base surface).
    I want to re-do the armour parts, and off-white tunics, too, but it will have to wait 'til later, as I have 3 more units to build up to full strength before Horisont. Some trimming will have to be done at that point, notably arm guards, and helmet tops (between the 'wings'.