Sunday 19 October 2014

Mustering for Battle!

I finished painting the 10 Warriors of Númenor to a reasonable table-top standard, and my first Fiefdom Warrior unit for my God of Battles Gondor army is now ready.

Obviously, this is a unit from Lossarnach. I don't know if I'll manage to get the based filled with iron, too; for now, I have to move things along.

The next task is to bring a Fiefdom Warrior unit of Rohan swordsmen up to strength - and it is 3 man short, so here are the new recruits:

Going throught eh other units, it appeared to me that I already have sufficient models for the Fiefdom Warrior Archer unit.

Below is a picture of the unit, including a Minias Tirith archer champion as its leader, and a ranger of Ithilien as its sharpshooter.

7 models more painted, and my Main Force is ready. Then I have to paint up 2 characters (Denethor and Boromir), and I'll be set to go!


  1. These are some really nice figures; well done!

    1. Thanks, I think they turned out rather nicely - the ones with the darker bases were not painted by me, btw - I got them from a fellow LAF'er, but the painting style is very close to the way I painted my Rohan warriors some years ago,

  2. Those men of Gondor look stonkingly good. Stop tempting me to get mine out for a few coats of paint :-) I really like the leader hafting the spear with the red sash and green underskirt. Is that a conversion of some kind. Its looks really good.

    1. The leader with the halberd is an 'Axeman of Lossarnach' metal mini from the LotR-range (I don't know if they made any in resin).
      I'm not going to paint more Númenoreans/Gondorians right now, as the last units are going to be made up of Rohan models: 2 warrior units, and one archer unit. When they are finished, I have to paint Denethor and Boromir, and then my 36 pts. army is complete for Horisont VI!