Thursday, 23 October 2014

Rohan/Fiefdom Warrior for my GoB Project

I finished painting and basing this guy today. He is one of 3 warriors that I have to paint to bring up to strength the next last unit I am preparing for Horisont VI.

I am playing around with the colours a bit, as preparation for painting some Dark Age Vikings and Saxons somewhen. But first, I have to finish some LotR armies for both God of Battles, and SAGA.

No breakdown of the colours, as I'm a bit busy at the moment - should someone want to know, just ask!


  1. Simply lovely little mini and great colours. I'm particularly intrigued by how you got the gold so bright? What undercoat did you use please?

    1. Black spray primer, but the gold on the helmet is first painted with silver, then Vallejo Polished Gold, then highlighted with a mix of Polished Gold (or GW Burnished Gold, I don't remember, I keep a pot of the mix ready) and silver. The 'black-lining' is a mix of Boltgun Metal and black (but silver and black would probably do the trick just as well).

  2. Thanks!
    I paint these guys individually, as I don't want a uniform appearance.