Saturday, 25 October 2014

Argonor's Attic Transformed...

...into a banquet hall for next Friday, and the Halloween Party we are throwing for out kids and their school classmates.

The stuff on the desk in the middle, and the chairs, are going to be moved downstairs to the garage, where I'll set up a couple of tables for those parents who wish to be present.

The row of tables will serve two purposes: The outer ones will be used for the Monster Buffet  (each participant has to bring a dish for the buffet), and the middle one will be set/decorated as the Count's Table with candelabra, spooky glasses, cobwebs/spiders, etc.

Of course, the whole room will be decorated with various ghoulish stuff, and I'll hang two mirror balls  from the beams, and place a music system with some coloured spots that flash to the rhytm of the music on the bar, from which the kids kan buy cheap sodas.

I'll be sporting my Dementor suit, which I tested at the Odense Harry Potter Festival a week ago.

I'll document the various stages of preparations, and of course, also the party itself!

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