Sunday, 26 October 2014

Nothing Finished, But...

...I have prepped and primed 3 more (the black one was done several years ago, but suffered from my butterfly syndrome).

At least the 3 white ones will be quick-shaded, which means I'll block in fairly bright colours, then wash them with Devlan Mud.

I'm only resorting to this method because otherwise I think I'll be hard pressed to get the army ready for testing our scenario for Horisont VI.

They are all the same sculpt, yes. It's the spearman pose with the least moldlines, and also the least thin parts that may break at any inconvenient moment.

I'll paint 2 with green shields, and 2 with brown, and I'll strive to get some variation through other colours, too.


  1. Looking good. Love these WIP posts. I'd be interested to see whether the black undercoat turns out differently from the others.

  2. I'm also curious to see how these turn out. Keep posting updates, please!

  3. I Shall. I normally use black undercoat, as I layer from dark to light, and the black undercoat gives a more solidd/dark basecoat to work from, but in the case of quick-shading, it is more rewarding to have rthe white undercoat show through at the highlight-points/edges.