Sunday, 24 June 2018

Oldhammer Minis: Second-Hand Bretonnian Archers

My latest purchase, some second-hand metal Citadel Bretonnian archers, including Command. I won them in an auction on a Facebook group (and probably paid about €10 too much, but I really wanted them), and they are going directly into the ultrasound cleaner.

I have had eight of the old Perry Bretonnian archers for several decades, and now I took the chance to enable them being part of a full unit in whatever game I fancy using them for!


  1. Some of my favourites, I got into Warhammer Fantasy because of this range but it was always to do a 100 years war force.

    1. I am certainly not going to play Warhamster with them; they will probably see service as some kind of Fiefdom Warriors in my Gondor God of Battles army, and also for HYW alongside my Perry plastics.