Thursday, 21 June 2018

Greek Archer #1 - Daimos the Sharpshooter

I have exchanged the original photos with some showing the colours a bit better.

He was speed-painted with my block'n'wash approach (same as my Vikings), only difference from earlier work is, I used Gryphonne Sepia instead of Agrax Earthshade - especially because the Greeks have a lot of exposed flesh, and I feared that Agrax Earthshade would look odd on larger areas.

For a speed-paint, I am pretty content with the outcome (I just spotted a couple of dots on his chiton, not covered by the wash - must be mended later), and it is fine for getting some models on the table. It will not win me any 'best painted' awards, but as I rarely, if ever. participate in conventions after Horisont died, it is of no concern.

I think I can churn out 2-4 per day when off work, and as I have the entire next week off, I may well finish the archers and get a fair few of the Hoplites done, too, before the summer vacation.

Below a couple of pics more.

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