Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Greek Archers - More WIP

I got some right arms glued in place - as it turns out, I do not have to make half of the archers with the quivers on the back, as there is an option other than the arm pulling an arrow from behind the shoulder.

Which is good, as none of the quivers are designed with space for the hand-held arrow - strange flaw in the design of this set, as there are three quivers for each two archers, and the extra quiver could have been sculpted with this particular pose in mind.

Al in all I am not particularly impressed with this second pose (the firing pose is  fine, although I do not get why the left hands are not sculpted as part of the body); I think the arms holding arrows in front of the bodies are just weirdly posed (it would have been so easy designing the figures nocking the arrows instead), and the lack of fit between the quivers and arrows the other right hands is just bad design.

On the finished mini, the head will probably obscure the bad fit somewhat, but I still do not get why Victix failed to make the pose make sense.

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