Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Greek Archer #4 - Galenos

With this one down, I have finished one third of my Greek archers.

The place where I broke the bow is visible in the pics - I shall smooth out the joint and repaint it tomorrow, when the poly cement has settled completely.

As mentioned earlier, my progress has been somewhat hampered by my recent involvement with the local sports club (repairing holes in tennis courts requires both skill and patience), but I still hope to be able to finish all twelve archers by the end of the coming weekend.

Tomorrow at 11 a.m. I have to pick up Anna in Svendborg - her school class is having an outing, first bowling a couple of hours, then walking to the beach at Christiansminde, and as there is more than a kilometer form the bowling alley to the beach, and her knees are not fully rehabilitated, I am going to drive her instead. I shall then have to check if they are going to be picked up by the bus at Christiansminde, else I have to pick her up there, too.

I hope to get some painting done before leaving home, hopefully all but finishing another couple of archers.

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