Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Horisont VIII, 2016: Blood Eagle in Middle-Earth, Part 2

The Dwarf leader finally reached the village, and persuaded the women and children to leave the compromised area and try to reach safety in Edoras.

The Dunlendings kept hacking and slashing their way through the defenders.

And, finally, the Uruk-Hai started pouring onto the bloody field from several directions.

The Rohirrim were no match for the Dunlendings.

The Uruks came close to the fleeing civilians.

But but the Dwarves and the defenders moved quickly to intercept.

As the defense began to crumble, the Dunlendings started taking prisoners (white markers).

The civilians slipped through, before the Uruks could block the way.

The last Uruk was effectively blocked by the Dwarves.

At this point, one player had to leave, and as the most of the civilians would leavd on their next turn, we ruled that the defenders had carried the day, and ended the game.

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