Friday, 11 November 2016

Blood Eagle: Civilian Line-Up

Five objectives ready for Horisont VIII.

Some of you may have noticed the absence of the decorative tablet woven bands that are normally the hallmark of the Dark Ages. It is not because I do not want to decorate these minis, but because I do not have the time to dabble with detail like that, as Horisont VIII happens in only one week from now, and I have more stuff that I need to get ready before that (I may not even manage to finish more than one additional civilian mini, as I have to re-base half a score of minis to be able to bolster the ranks of the defenders, and possibly the relief force, too). I may go back at a later time and pick this or that mini to paint some additional deco on, but for now, plain fabrics will have to do.


  1. I'm sure that not everyone would have had intricately detailed strips on their clothing. Surely that would only be true for higher status/richer families?

    1. I recently heard a theory, that apart from the decorative effect the woven bands/strips may have been used to protect the edges of the clothing from wear and tear (they can be replaced quite easily if damaged) - which would suggest that less well-to-do people would probably want to use them, as they would want their clothes to last as long as possible. Wealthy persons would probably also want the strips for decorative purposes, but may have had clothing in more lavish colours, possibly made from 'imported' fabrics of higher quality than the coarse wool and linen used by most.