Monday, 7 November 2016

Blood Eagle: A Thrall Boy

I managed to finish this busy guy some minutes ago (just had to take and adjust the photos).

He brings my civilian count up to 3, and I still have 5 or 6 models more to get ready.

I expect to finish one more tomorrow, and maybe also one on Wednesday, and then I start my five-night work period, during which I shall probably not get more than one or two minis painted, as I have only the late afternoons (and possibly the evenings, if I have the energy) for painting - and I really should play a solo playtest of the scenario somewhen during the weekend, but I do not think I shall manage to get that done - I shall just have to rely on the results from our test yesterday to adjust the scenario (and, I shall also bring some extra models for the defenders, and maybe the relief force, too, to insert in later games, should the first game go too much the way of the attackers.

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