Wednesday, 30 November 2016

GoB: Re-basing Some Temple Guards.

Ever since I purchased the two big lots of painted Lizardmen, I have been wanting to rebase all the metal minis, as otherwise I have to keep rolling them in soft paper tissue when stowing them away, as metal minis on plastic slotta-bases topple over far too easily, and even though the paintjobs are not great, and the minis do have some wear and tear, I do not plan to strip and re-paint tham within any overseeable future.

Thus, I have started the re-basing process with the first unit of Temple Guards/Brute Watchers.

I am going to play a 36 points battle with my Lords of Undeath against Kevin's Orcs this upcoming Saturday, and I have another appointment with him on December 19th where I expect to play with my Blood Gorged/Lizardmen, so I have to get these ready!

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