Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Horisont VIII, 2016: Blood Eagle in Middle-Earth, Part 1

As mentioned, I brought my Blood Eagle Middle-Earth scenario for the Horisont convention last weekend.

Here is the first part of an AAR from a game played.

I had added about 140 points to the Rohirrim force defending the village, changed the chance for the raiders to enter the table, and I put a lot more terrain around the village to slow down the attackers' advance. As it turned out, the Uruk-Hai player was very unlucky with his rolls to get his Orcs onto the table, and I think I have to change the probability for an attacker entering a bit back.

Enough of that! Here is the table after the defenders and the relief force deployed, and the first Turn was well underway.

A single Uruk entered early on, but faced uneven odds.

At the far end, the Dunlendings had started arriving, axe and bow ready to carve a bloody trail through the defenders.

A staunch warrior of Rohan faced the lone Orc, all the while the Dunlendings advanced towards the village and were met by swords and arrows.

The sdefenders opted to meet the invaders early on.

The fastest Dwarves arrived at the outskirts of the village, just to see the Uruk cut down.

At this time, a regular skirmish had broken out in and around the woods to the west of the village.

A skirmish that did not go well for the Rohirrim... well, not for long, at least...

Meanwhile, another Uruk had been summoned by the sound of battle.

Still, the action heated around the woods.

Reinforcements arrived from the village.

But the Dunlendings pushed through the woods and threatened to enter the village itself.

And the defenders seemed hard-pressed.

The dice refused to roll 4+ for the Uruk-Hai.

I shall continue this tomorrow - right now I have a film to watch, and then it is off to bed for today!

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