Friday, 4 November 2016

Blood Eagle: My First Civilian!

Yesterday, I thought I would be able to finish up two civilian miniatures today, but as I was very tired when returning home form night watch this morning, I decided to go to bed and sleep until noon.

As it happened we had had a fuse burn out this morning, and I made an error when setting my alarm clock afterwards, so I overslept quite a bit, resulting in only one mini being finished today.

Well, here she is, the Lady of the Manor (or, more precisely, the Farmer's Wife).

I have not named her, yet as I have not really created the Fantasy Viking village I was planning last winter, but at least she is a step in the right direction.

Along with the rest of the civilians I manage to paint up before Nov 18, she will act as an objective to be defended or captured/killed in the scenario I am preparing for Horisont VIII

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