Monday, 28 November 2016

GoB: More Ancient Dead

I picked these up from the local GLS parcel shop today. Destined to become part of several regiments, as they are too yellowish to match up with my normal paint scheme, I am probably going to spray them white after re-basing them and re-fitting those that need alterations (I am definitely going to get rid of the double torsos, and all the shields will be clipped off, some of them probably flattened on the backside and re-used for leaders and the likes).

I am not going to commence work on them until after Christmas, though, as I have some seasonal minis incoming from North Star/Copplestone (and some minis from Caliver, too), of which I shall endeavour to finish the Chistmas-themed ones before the holidays (plus, I have some WIP minis for the BoBPC at LAF and some WIP Zulu for my IHMN/USUTHU! project that I need to progress on).


  1. Excellent "cannon fodder", but they do need some work doing on them, don't they?

    1. Yes, some bits and bobs and arms here and there, shields for the hand weapon armed ones, re-basing, and over-all re-paint. I bought them, mainly because most of them are the Mk I sculpts that fit with the remaining skeletons from my age-old job lot, from which I spawned most of my Lords of Undeath army.

    2. Painting is easy, though. White spray, block out details, and brown wash ;D