Tuesday, 24 February 2015

SotHT: Stepping up to the Challenge!

Having the day off, I am getting somewhere with my temple stairs.

I started by making a template marking up the metal base I am going to use - for two reasons: 1) it will add weight to the stairs, making them less prone to topple over, and 2) I can store the stairs securely in one of my boxes with a magnetic sheet in the bottom.

After marking up the footprint of the stairs, I cut out the base with a hacksaw.

I have cut and carved the first five layers of 5mm foamboard - the fifth layer will have the first step wide enough for a mini's base (if I have calculated correctly, there should be three such ledges in total), thus I have carved the stone slabs about 3cm into it.

I expect to do at least the next five layers this afternoon, but now it is time for some excercises, a 5km run!


  1. Hvor høj bliver den trappe, Niels? Er det 5 mm. flamingoplader, du har limet sammen?

    1. 5 mm skumpap/foamboard/opklæbningsplade, så 7,5 cm, eller ca. 2½ gange en figurs højde.