Friday, 6 February 2015

SotHT: Rebasing the Germans, WIP 4.

A little bit of progress.

I hope to get the bases highlighted later this evening, but no promises, as I didn't sleep well after working last night, so am rather tired.

Afternthis batch is re-based, I need to do some mummies and a couple of snakes, and then it is time to build some stairs to lead down to the Hidden Temple from the surface.

As soon as I have done that, and sorted out the various floor plans, markers, and other features to be found in the sjub-terranean corridors and rooms, I shall start fleshing out the leagues to figure out if I need to paint additional minis to add to the factions.


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    1. Thanks! Been working nights Wednesday - Sunday, sleeping all day, prioritizing doing excercises and running in the few houts left of the daylight, but the next couple of days I'm at home and shall get these basterds finished, and move on to the next batch!