Thursday, 5 February 2015

SotHT: Rebasing the Germans, WIP 3.

A bit more work done on the Ahnenerbe.

I roughed up the edges on the washers, and added some more filler to the bases.

The extra filler makes sure there is no gap between filler and integral bases, and creates some uneven-ness for a more naturalistic look to the finished bases.

Then I applied PVA-glue, and put the minis in some beach sand.


  1. Looks good. Mind you, even the thought of rebasing any of my figures makes me feel a bit queasy!

    1. I know what you mean; It's all too easy to damage something when doing major surgery on already finished models. I need to get these models up to par with my current standards, though, and the It's Alive! Painting Club is just the right motivation to get this long overdue project ready for some actual gaming!