Thursday 26 February 2015

Dark Age Warrior WIP

I was sleeping until 4 p.m. after working last night, and the afternoon was dry and sunny, so I decided to spend the rest of it in the garden, digging up some of the last potatoes (they seem to be quite all right, although they have been in the ground all winter).

I managed to start prepping and assembling my first Dark Age warrior, after pondering a bit about what size washer to base them on (I really could have used a 21 mm or 22 mm washer, but they do not seem to be available here in Denmark).

I opted for 20 mm, which requires some of the integral base be cut away, but 'levy' infantry like this should not have too prominent bases, I think.

I shall finish this one and do a couple more tomorrow afternoon/evening.


  1. It's a start, but you'll need a lot more like this :-) .

    1. Yup; I'm beginning to wonder if I should have bougt 2 boxes of these instead of just one. Well, I can always get more. For now, I'll assemble a couple of sprues' worth, and get them painted, and perhaps get them on the table for some SBH (I think it's about time my daughters learn those rules), before I do some Hirdmen and Thegns. They are, of course, destined for both GoB, SAGA, and other games, apart from being used as NPCs in our D&D games.