Tuesday 10 February 2015

DreadBall: The Referee!

So, finally the last piece missing (except, now I need to paint a second team to do demo-games).

I did a fairly simple paint job on her:

  1. Base Coat, Vallejo Polished Gold + Black
  2. Badab Black wash
  3. Vallejo Polished Gold heavy drybrush
  4. Vallejo Polished God + silver light drybrush.
  5. Black touch-up on eyes and hip joints
  6. Eyes light grey
  7. Cords in hip joints blue, green, and red.
  8. Touch up around the eyes with Vallejo Polished Gold, and the Vallejo Polished Gold/Silver mix.


No excuses for postponing adding the transfers, then - I shall have to order some MicroSet and MicroSol very soon.

Expenses, expenses...

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