Monday, 2 February 2015

SotHT: Rebasing the Diggers, Finally Done!

So, after 2 weeks of hardly any progress, I sat down at the painting desk with a firm resolve to get this batch put aside.

I'm not quite sure if the bases are a wee tad too yellow (highlight is Coat d'Arms Buff), I'll have to see them on one of my desert tables before deciding whether I should add white to the buff and do a final light drybrush highlight.

Next up for the Secrets of the Hidden Temple project is rebasing of the German 'archaeologists': another matter of removing slottas from integral bases, and glue the minis onto steel washers.

The rebased diggers.

The Germans are going to get the same type of 'all-round' bases as the Turks, as they are likely to appear anywhere between Berlin, Nigeria, Borneo, and the Amazonas.

Before surgery.

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