Saturday, 14 February 2015

SotHT: Rebasing some Critters, WIP 3.

Not a whole lot of progress, but still...

Got the Mummy bases basecoated (still wet in this pic):

And sand is being glued onto the Cobra base:

Saturday, I'm not likely to get a lot done, as I have somesome outside tasks that are overdue because of the very warm winter (I have a hedge to cut back, and some big hazel bushes to to cut down, to get both renewed), and in the afternoon we are taking the kids to the cinema for Big Hero 6.

Sunday probably will not see much action, either, as the forecast says dry weather, and I have some firewood outside to move into the shed, and in the afternoon, Lea's choir has a performance at the Shrovetide service in the local church (just across the street), and after that there's a 'barrel bashing' aka 'beating the cat of the barrel' (similat to beting a piñata - an old Shrovetide/Carnival tradition hereabouts).

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