Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Major Obstruction!

Leg placed to support the table
I had planned to start working with the decals for the DreadBall team today, but, alas, the Powers that Be willed it differently...

While I was checking my email, and ordering a few bits and bobs, I noticed that the table (the old dining table in the living room, and on which I conduct extracurricular hobby activities) was a bit wobbly. I investigated the matter, and found the leg where I was sitting a bit askew. I assumed that the table had been pushed a bit by someone, so lifted the table corner to allow the leg to align itself - and it simply fell away!!

There I was, with my laptop in front of me, holding the table corner with one hand and trying to get hold of the table leg with the other...

Luckily, the table is solid oak, and very heavy, so it actually stands on three legs (as long as there is no object in the leg-less corner), so I managed to save the day, but the weight of the table also meant that I could not turn it over by myself for repairs - thus, no further tasks cold be performed on the table.

I placed the loose leg to support its corner, while I emptied the table (we wouldn't have candlestick, vase, and other stuff tilting onto the floor by a freak accident, now...).

Plain to see that something's askew...
My wife is trying to get the kids to sleep right now (it is Pancake Day, or Hvide Tirsdag/Mardi Gras, so we had pancakes with lots of syrup, which is, perhaps, not the best diet just before bedtime...), so I am not sure if we'll get the table overturned this evening.

I need the table space to lay things out on, when fiddling with decals, and cutting cardboard and foamboard for some stair for my Hidden Temple project, so I shall not be making progress until the table is fixed.

In the meantime, I'll try to get some painting done on an overdue sort of 'commissioned' task - but I am entering my 5-night work week tomorrow night, and I haven't had much luck finding painting time after sleeping 3/4 of the day after a night watch.

Well... 'crumbs are also food', as we say around here, and if I can once more make a habit of painting at least one hour each day, I should be able to make some progress, however slowly.

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