Sunday, 1 February 2015

Back in the Saddle!

So, after a VERY tough last week, and a VERY busy weekend, the clouds have lifted, and the future looks a bit brighter on the hobby front.

I got the job I applied for, and I can look forward to a more stable schedule, working night shift 5 days and 2 days every other week (which leaves a LOT of time for practical tasks, AND getting some hobby stuff done!).

Yesterday, my youngest daughter Lea and I worked in and around the shed; she piled up the firewood I have been cutting up, while I emtied the trailer of the wood we brought home from Sønderjylland (Southern Jutland) two weeks ago after cutting up one of the trees that fell into my in-laws' lawn during the storm thrre weeks ago, and placed it in the back of the shed to dry a bit before further processing.

Both Anna and my wife had to go to (separate) birthday parties late afternoon/evening, so Lea and I had the premises to ourselves - so when walking the dog, we visited the local 7-11-ish store and brought home a BIG bag of mix-yourself sweets/candy. The evening was spent on the couch, watching Scooby Doo and the Monster of Mexico which I recorded some days ago.

This morning, I've mainly been washing and decontaminating wine bottles so I could, with help from the kids, get the latest batch of mead bottled just after lunch.

After that, I transformed into a chainsaw-wielding loonie for about 1½ hour, cutting up some pine branches I cut from the two big trees in the front garden. When the gas tank was empty, I decided it was time to do a little work-out, and take a good fast 5 km walk.

When I returned to the mansion, it was time to give supper/dinner some attention; luckily we had some pork loin 'chops' already fried, so all I had to do was boil some rice and cook up a mushroom/onion cream sauce while heating the loin chops, and dinner was served!

What has this to do with wargames, you may ask.

Nothing, really, apart from describing how my weekend (after a week with hardly no sleep due to varying work hours) was all filled up by over-due tasks that I couldn't get around to doing until now.

Now, while enjoying a couple of glasses of filtered mead dregs (no reason why it should be wasted), I promise both myself and you that I'll start making progress on my hobby projects tomorrow, and that it will again be duly documented on a regular basis.

That's all for now!



  1. Well, it sounds as if you're still very busy. Congratulations on getting the job!

    1. Less, now, and thanks!
      I am going to work 5 days, have 5 days off, work 2 days, have 2 days off, and so on, so especially on the free week (Fri-Tue) I can get some things off the to-do list, AND get some work done on the hobby projects.

    2. Er, no, actually, it's work 5 days, 2 days off, work 2 days, 5 days off. I get confused...