Thursday, 6 March 2014

Vallejo Polished Gold FTW!

I'm on a 'painter's high' right now; I had Vallejo's metallics recommended to me when I was at Horisont V last fall, I bought VGC Polished Gold on the side as part of an order from Miniaturicum (because I had to substitute a bottle of Charred Brown that was not available), and I just tried it out a few minutes ago.

First, I compared the colour to my OC Burnished Gold, and the mixes with black I have made to paint ancient gold. I was surprised - and delighted - to see that it was an almost 100% match to the mix with a few tiny drops of black.

Then I painted a censer/ball-and-chain/whatever on the mini I'm currently working on
  1. Charred Brow
  2. Burnished Gold with black (dark mix)
  3. Polished Gold
  4. Burnished Gold + Mithril Silver
And the result was really good.

Polished Gold covers much better and smoother than the Citadel metallics (apart from Mithril Silver, which is still a fabulous paint to work with).

If the rest of Vallejo's metallics are just as good, I'll have to get more!

I think my Burnished Gold will be transformed into an even darker mix by adding black. I don't like the finish of it very much, anyway, and it does not cover too well.

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