Wednesday 5 March 2014

Ready for Battle: Cult de Ghouls for VuK.

I got the last 2 minis ready for my first finished VuK cult today.

Although it's meant for a game set in the 1920-30's, all the minis can easily be fitted into a game of Gothic Horror (some of them were, indeed, designed for Vampire Wars by West Wind Productions).

The culprits are, from left to right:

Cultist, Degenerate 'Vladimir', Ghoul, Ghoul, Ghoul King (Magus), Giant Vermin, Ghoul, Degenerate 'The Rat-Man', Giant Vermin.

The cult has little ranged punch, but up close and personal, they get really nasty.

I'll see if I can make a Lurker list based on the cult for our next game of Strange Aeons - could be really fun to see how they would fare against Treshold!

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