Sunday, 16 March 2014

Howling at the Moon

Finished this guy earlier today, first painting done since Monday.

Another West Wind classic Vampire Wars mini.

He is going to be my last entry for the LPC at the LAF - we are almost at the 100 minis limit, and another painting club is likely to start April 1st.

I received 3 minis in the mail a couple of days ago, and I have to prep those for painting - and I have a kind of comission incoming that will take up a lot of my painting time the next couple of weeks.

Colours Used:

Primer: Black


  1. VGC Charred Brown + black
  2. VGC Charred Brown
  3. OC Scorched Brown + OC Dark Flesh
  4. OC Dark Flesh
  5. OC Vermin Brown
  6. OC Vermin Brown + OC Vomit Brown
(Forgot the last layer on the feet - shall have to go back and add it)


  1. OC Bestial Brown + OC Dwarven Flesh  1:1
  2. OC Bestial Brown + OC Dwarven Flesh  1:3
  3. Old GW Dwarven Flesh
  4. Mix of DF and old GW Elf Flesh

Teeth and Claws:

  • Dark to light grey


  1. OC Terracotta
  2. OC Terracotta + OC Bromzed Flesh
  3. OC Terracotta + OC Bromzed Flesh 1:2


    1. OC Regal Blue + black
    2. OC Regal Blue
    3. OC Regal Blue + white


    1. VGC Charred Brown
    2. VGC Charred Brown + VGC Beastie Brown
    3. VGC Beastie Brown

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