Saturday, 15 March 2014

Been a busy week

Haven't painted a single brushstroke since Monday, but I've cleared my vegetable garden of delled trees, and I've cut down some of the hedge edging our front garden.

Here's a couple of pics showing what the hedge looked like before.

It had grown to hang out into the alley leading to our entrance, and it could not be trimmed without exposing a lot of dead twigs, leaving it really ugly.

There was only one solution:

Bring out the trusted chainsaw (I bought it last fall after a gale that brought down a big birch in our back garden) and KILL, MAIM, BUR... er... you get the picture ;o)

Some of the fence posts have to be mended - they have been pushed away from their(supposedly) initial vertical positions by the expanding hedge.

I think the new look is quite refreshing, and I look forward to see how fast the hedge grows back.

If it grows reasonably fast, I'll cut down the row towards the road next winter/spring.

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