Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Some More Coven Pics

Well, I thought I might as well show the minis I added to the Coven line-up:

Another girl from Dark Sword Miniatures, one from Black Cat Bases, an unfortunate victim from Pulp Figures, and an old Grenadier demon.

Been busy with the greenstuff, also on the Witch and the Cauldron.

Below is a pic of two Heresy minis that are natural enemies.

I've had the big howler assembled and partially greenstuffed for quite a while, but I took the  opportunity to get the last gaps stuffed right away.

I ALWAYS get too much greenstuff mixed, and  you may have spotted an armnature for a tentacle or giant snake (I'm not quite sure, yet), that I'm going to sculpt with leftovers.

It'll be my first attempt at sculpting a wargame mini, and it will probably take a long time to get done, slowly building up the shape with little blobs of putty.

Who shall reign supreme in the Carpathians?
 Stay tuned for more...

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