Friday, 7 March 2014

Dagonite High Priest.

Finished this guy earlier today. I had planned to get him ready yesterday, but the current events in Ukraine had me turm my attention to the TV much of the day.

It's Pulp Figures' Weird Menace Weird Villains 01 'Crimson Scorpion'.

I painted him to match my Pulp Figures Evil Hooded Minions, that I use for cultists, so that I can use him as High Priest for my VuK Dagonite cult (which is now complete; line-up will follow tomorrow)

I'm too tired to write the colour breakdown right now, shall do tomorrow.


Colours used:

Primer: Black


  1. VOC Worm Purple
  2. VOC Worm Purple + white 2:1
  3. VOC Worm Purple + white 1:1
  4. VOC Worm Purple + white 1:2


  1. OC Shadow Grey + black 1:2
  2. OC Shadow Grey + black 1:1
  3. OC Shadow Grey + black 2:1


  1. VGC Charred Brow
  2. OC Burnished Gold with black (dark mix)
  3. VGC Polished Gold
  4. OC Burnished Gold + OC Mithril Silver


  1. Mix of OC Bestial Brown and OC Dwarven Flesh  1:3
  2. Old GW Dwarven Flesh
  3. Mix of DF and old GW Elf Flesh
  4. Elf Flesh

Sash and Shoes:

  1. OC Scaly Green
  2. OC Jade Green
  3. OC Vile Green
  4. OC Vile Green + white 1:1 (?)
That should be it. Quite simple, actually, but I'm rather pleased by the way he turned out. Thepurple makes him blend in with  the Evil Hooded Minions (cultists), and the green ties a connection to the Fishmen.

Now, I have to fill out the rosters, and find a day for the first game.

Can't wait - but as the gardening season is slowly approaching (and I have been set back 14 days by my strained ankle in tidying up the vegetable garden after felling trees), the weather is going to be a deciding factor when finding time for gaming.

Still, I hope to get a game up somewhen here in March!

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