Saturday, 8 March 2014

Ready for Battle: Dagonite Cult for VuK.

As promised yesterday, here is my Dagonite Cult:

Composition, from left to right:

Cultist, Cultist, Cultist, Fishman, High Priest (Magus), Fishman, Cultist, Cultist.

Unlike the Cult de Ghouls, these are going to have quite a few peashooters, as most of then can have a .22 handgun for free. I may decide to give the guy with the revolver a .45 handgun for that extra punch. Then, when the opposition rushes in, hopefully they have been softened up for the Fishmen to rip apart.

I think this is my first 'unit/warband' ever to be based entirely on steel washers. Looking good, methinks!

The next project for VuK is a Death Cult, but it requires bashing about and rebasing some old minis, and I have a couple of other minis that I want to paint for the LPC at the LAF (and Stranghe Aeons), so it will have to wait a couple of weeks at least.

Now, I'll go back to the previous post to get that colour break-down done...

Oh, and I've spotted that I have forgotten to flock the base of the black-robed Fishman. Must mend later today!

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