Monday, 3 March 2014

Headless Horseman...?

I was looking through my stash of victorian minis - and stumbled on this:

I have NO idea from where I got it; I suspect it to be a British light cavalryman of some sorts, but I'll have to ask around to get it confirmed.

The head seems to be broken off, rather than sawed.

I guess I could attach some appropriate head to it, if I can find something that matches...

EDIT: It's a an HLBSC mini - I must have gotten it with a handful of HLBSC British infantry I got sedcond hand for a Chaos in Carpathia project that stalled couple of years ago.

I think I'll try finding a head for it to make a mounted Harry Flashman.


  1. A very interesting and nice blog.
    Greetings from Portugal

    Paulo Gonçalves

    1. Thanks for the nice comment! :o)

  2. Ah, headless horseman is a great idea! I may have to steal that one for SA

    1. I may use him as such - if I don't find a head that fits LOL. I would like to make him into a mounted Harry Flashman, but maybe I should just get another model for that purpose.