Friday, 26 June 2015

SotHT: Mission Accomplished!

So, 8 years and almost 5 months (short of 3 days) after the first posting about this on the LAF, I have now finally finished this project according to the original plans (and then some).

This was originally intended to be used with the .45 Adventure rules, and the factions have been fleshed out according to that.

In the meantime, I have decided to instead use the Pulp Alley rules, and I shall have to make some changes to build the factions as 'Leagues' - but that is a project for later this year.

Below you will find pictures of a set-up of both the archaelogical site and the sub-terranean Hidden Temple with all the minis I currently plan to use for the scenario.


  1. That's very much the type of setup which I'd like to use myself for such games! I have the figures I'd need, but not really any terrain to go with them. Perhaps in another 10 years or so I might also finish the project :-( ?

    1. Actually, most of this was finished a long time ago - only a few bits and bobs (especially the stairs leading down to the subterranean temple) were needed. I just lost impetus back then, really, and then a few pieces were added to my Egypt/desert collection for use with other games now and then.