Thursday 16 July 2015

Vacation 2015 - Day 1.

It has been very quiet around here lately, mainly because I have been away with my family on a trip through Germany, Austria, northern Italy, Switzerland, France, and finally Germany once more to get back.

We returned yesrterday morning after driving 23 hours, so I have not had the energy to attend to these pages until now, but I plan to make a somewhat detailed report of our journey over the next couple of weeks.

I hope to also have some gaming related stuff to post in between, but for now you will have to bear with me, as my travel log unfolds.

We left home on July 1st at about 10 a.m., and lunch was had in a rest area/parking just south of the border to Germany.

My wife were taking some pics with the family camera during our lunch break, so she is not to be found.

Both my wife and the kids brought tablets and smartphones, so much of the pics taken by them are not readily available for this log (I might be able to download them, but I think you will find that I - and on occation other members of the family - have taken plenty of pics.

A couple of large rocks were sitting on the lawn behind the pic-nic tables, and the girls - being little rock monkeys - could not resist them.

Below are two pictures of the same situation - I do not remember why - but it shows our car and the very old camping trailer/caravan I inherited from my father (I used to travel Europe with it with my parents).

The trailer is of the 'Eccles' brand manufactured in Birmingham, and is from 1963, so 3 years older than I.

The pictures also show the girls playing a self-invented 'catch' game with their toy fishing nets and a small ball.

My daughters are now 3rd generation users of that particular caravan!

We spent the night at Uhlenköper Camp Uelzen which is a VERY nice camping site just south of Uelzen, in place no. 28 in the 'Sperlingskauzeck'.

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