Tuesday, 9 June 2015

JDMG: Street Rumble, Take Two (2015-05-27), Part 1

This game was (started) before I put up the last light bulbs, and the decorative shields, and I had not finished moving stuff around, either. As a consequence, the attic still looked a bit messy, but most of the mess has since been sorted, so no worries for Attic Attack!

Before moving the Sci-fi stuff to the attic, I assembled the buildings and barricades from the Necromunda Outlanders supplement, so I could almost fill the board with industrial buildings and ruins.

I am planning a big purchase of ruins from Ziterdes later this summer, as I have just entered the Frostgrave 'Nickstarter'  at wizard Lvl 3, and some of those ruins will be very fitting for sci-fi gaming, too!

I shall not make this purchase until after we return from our summer holidays, though, as I need to take the financial state into consideration, that the vacation leaves in its wake.

Below there is a link to the 'Nickstarter', should someone be interested in the game; it seems to have a theme similar to Mordheim, but in a ruined, frozen city, and with much more focus on wizardry:


For this Street Rumble, I made a gang from my painted apes (purchased second hand from a LAF member some years ago).

Groucho, the Gorilla, with the Chimps Chico, Harpo, and Zeppo.

Ulolkish again played Trixie's Midnight Runners, and I was heavily outnumbered right from the start - but I have corrected some cut-and-paste errors on the girls' roster, as a lot of them were recorded with a non-existent armour value, so my apes should at least have more staying power than the opposition.

We started out using the following House Rules to try them out:

1: Moving and Shooting
It is possible to combine a move action with shooting; with a -1 modifier if moving/shooting without having moved first, -2 if moving/shooting after already having moved this activation.

2: Moving Target
It is more difficult to hit a moving opponent than one standing still. Thus, each Move and/or Move/Shoot action during an activation gives a model a +1 Agility modifier for rolling to avoid being hit (thus, up to a maximum of +2 per Phase). This modifier is immediately lost when the model is activated in its next phase.

The red markers are movement markers, one for each movement made.

The game started with my apes crawling all over the industrial tower near my table edge - the Apes treat vertical surfaces as horisontal for moving, as long as they can end their move on a horisontal space - and Trixie's street girls fanned out to cover as much open space as possible.

Chico faced a 'Runner on the far left
Some 'Runners moved closer, using the ruins and the barricades for cover.

A rain of lead was exchanged over the central area.

One of the 'Runners had to buy it! Groucho grinned, and slipped another clip into his Spit Gun.
Two 'Runners closed in to avenge their fallen comrade.

This concludes Part 1 - stay tuned for the next episode!


  1. Gaming room looks sweet. Is that the attic of a barn or one of those colonial era American houses ?

    1. Nope, it is the attic of my very Danish red brick garage

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